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Patios & Walkways

Patios and Walkways can be installed on new or existing areas. When there is an existing surface, for example a concrete slab, thin pavers can be used with an overlay system rather than having to do a total replacement. This method is recommended for non-vehicular surfaces only. New paver areas, such as areas that have only grass or dirt, can be installed by laying thick pavers over a crushed concrete base.
A driveway built from our brick pavers in Tampa, FL


When installing driveways we always recommend excavating the existing concrete. We will then spread and compact four to five inches of crushed concrete base material and a layer of sand for leveling before the pavers are laid. Sand is swept into the paver joints and a cement is poured under the borders to prevent migration. We do not install remodel or thin pavers over an existing concrete driveway and there is not a single paver manufacturer who will warranty their thin pavers over existing concrete for a driveway area.
A driveway built from our brick pavers in Tampa, FL

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to reclaim a steeply sloping yard as well as add beauty and depth to your property. Through the variety of retaining wall shapes and colors, you can accent the beauty of your home or simply extend the look of nature. Visit for more project ideas.
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Pool Decks

Pool Deck remodels are a great way to upgrade your outdoor living space. We use thin pavers to remodel existing decks with a dry mortar system, and remodel coping pieces are used along the interior edge of the pool. We also provide drainage services on your deck to keep the flow of water away from your home. On a typical pool deck remodel job we will replace both the drains and the skimmer which benefits the look and functionality of the deck. Once the installation is completed we bring in one of our trusted pool contractors to clean up any debris from the interior of the pool to leave you with a beautiful oasis to enjoy!
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