Brick Pavers, Retaining Walls Installation & More in Tampa, FL


Patios & Walkways

Here is a collection of professionally installed thin paver jobs. Thin pavers are used to remodel existing, non-vehicular, concrete surfaces. In all of these photos, there was a previously existing surface that has been remodeled to add more character and aesthetic beauty to the home.
A driveway built from our brick pavers in Tampa, FL


Here is a collection of professionally installed brick paver jobs. Generally, the existing concrete is excavated, 4-5 inches of crushed concrete base is spread and compacted, a layer of sand is added for leveling and thick 2 3/8" pavers are installed. Sand is swept into the paver joints and a concrete border is poured to prevent migration. There is not a single paver manufacturer who will warranty their thin pavers over existing concrete for a driveway area.
A driveway built from our brick pavers in Tampa, FL

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to reclaim a steeply sloping yard as well as add beauty and depth to your property. Through the variety of retaining wall shapes and colors, you can accent the beauty of your home or simply extend the look of nature. Visit for more project ideas.
Retaining Walls - Sun Pavers of Florida, Inc. - Tampa, Florida

Gravity walls are low walls that resist the forces of soil through the weight and set-back of the blocks. A gravity wall can stand on its own with the help of some basic steps. Gravity walls are typically 2-3 feet (600mm - 900mm) high and recommended for do-it-yourselfers.
Reinforced walls are tall walls commonly found in commercial applications that require an engineer, contractor, soil testing and reinforcement fabric. A reinforced wall can go as high as 40 feet (12.2 meters). If you want to build a reinforced wall, you need to hire a contractor.